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Enbridge (ENB) and Enbridge Energy Partners L.P. (EEP) project expansions May 2012

Enbridge has secured commercial support to proceed with several projects designed to increase capacity on the Enbridge crude oil mainline system in Canada and the U.S. and to increase capacity on pipelines that serve eastern U.S. and Canadian refineries.

ENB Proposed Expansions

Canadian Mainline Pump Station Upgrades (Line 67/Alberta Clipper Expansion)
The expansion of Line 67 will add additional pumping horsepower sufficient to raise the capacity of the Canadian mainline by 120,000 barrels per day (bpd). The expected in-service date is mid-2014, with the expansion remaining subject to National Energy Board approval and to finalization of scope and approval by shippers, which could lead to an upward revision of capacity and cost. Read news release...

Line 79 Expansion
The installation of a new 35-mile, 20-inch pipeline twinning the existing Enbridge Line 17 (Toledo pipeline) will add 80,000 bpd of capacity to the Enbridge mainline system. The line is expected to be available for service in early 2013 at a cost of approximately $0.2 billion. Read news release...

Line 9B Re-reversal
The re-reversal of the 240,000 bpd Line 9B between Westover, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec will cost approximately $0.1 billion and is expected to be available for service in early 2014 to serve refineries in Quebec. The re-reversal compliments a previously announced project to reverse Line 9A between Sarnia and Westover, Ontario. Sufficient capacity has been subscribed for by refineries seeking to secure access to ample crude oil supplies from western Canada and the Bakken region in North Dakota to warrant proceeding with the project. The reversal of Line 9B is subject to National Energy Board regulatory approvals.

An open season will be held immediately to provide any additional shippers with an opportunity to secure capacity on Line 9 on the same terms as the current committed shippers. Read news release...

EEP Proposed Expansions

Lakehead System Expansion (Line 61 and Line 67)
The expansion of the Lakehead System includes $0.4 billion of projects to expand capacity of the Lakehead System mainline between its origin near Neche, North Dakota, to its growing terminal hub in Flanagan, Illinois, southwest of Chicago.  The projects include an expansion of the Alberta Clipper line (Line 67) between the border and Superior, Wisconsin from 450,000 bpd to 570,000 bpd; and expansion of the 42-inch Southern Access pipeline (Line 61) between Superior and Flanagan Terminal near Pontiac, Illinois from 400,000 bpd to 560,000 bpd.  Both projects require only the addition of pumping horsepower,with no pipeline construction.

The expansions are expected to be available for service in mid-2014 subject to finalization of scope and shipper approval. The scope of the expansions remains under discussion with and subject to approval by shippers, which could lead to an upward revision to capacity and cost. Read news release...

Spearhead North Pipeline (Line 62)
The expansion of Line 62  between Flanagan, Illinois and the Terminal at Griffith, Indiana will increase capacity from 135,000 bpd to 235,000 bpd by adding horsepower. An additional 330,000 barrel tank will be added at Enbridge’s Terminal in Griffith. Read news release...

Line 6B Phase 2 Replacement Project
Enbridge plans to replace a total of approximately 210 miles of existing 30-inch diameter Line 6B pipeline in Indiana and Michigan by installing new pipe.  This Line 6B Phase 2 Replacement Project responds to growing demand for pipeline transportation capacity while also reducing the frequency of future integrity inspections and individual repairs in the replacement segments.  This is a combination capacity/integrity-driven project and is distinct from the integrity-driven Line 6B 2012 Maintenance and Rehabilitation Program, which involves replacing 75 miles of the same pipeline from Griffith to Ortonville in seven segments. 

Combined with the scheduled replacements of 75-miles of Line 6B previously announced, these further replacements part of the Line 6B Phase 2 Replacement Project will increase capacity from 240,000 bpd to 500,000 bpd on Line 6B. The Line 6B Phase 2 Replacement segments are subject to customary regulatory approvals. Read news release....


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Enbridge Gas New Brunswick

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Enbridge Inc. (ENB) is a publicly-traded corporation on the New York and Toronto stock exchanges.

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Enbridge Income Fund Holdings

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Provides pipeline and natural gas distribution consulting and training services internationally.

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Midcoast Energy Partners

Midcoast Energy Partners (MEP) serves as EEP’s primary vehicle for owning and growing its natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGL) midstream business in the U.S.


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